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Survivor : Australia
Genre Reality Competition
Winner JP (7-0)
No. of Castaways 16


Location(s) Australia
Original Run June 19th, 2018 - ???
Preceded by Malaysia
Followed by Brazil

Survivor: Australia - The Great Barrier Reef is the thirteenth installment of Kolby's Survivor Series.

Blurb Edit

Located to the northeast of Australia and off the coast of Queensland is the Great Barrier Reef. Unlike the usual take on the country of Australia; A warm, sweltering environment full of sand dunes and kangaroos, Kolby's Survivor is not headed for the outback, instead this marvelous spectacle of life and natural beauty.

As one of the natural seven wonders of the world, stretching more than 1,600 miles across the coast, the location is primed with dozens of unique species' inhabiting the blue waters and colorful coral. However, the waters currents are beginning to cool, the waves increasingly crash ashore, monsoon season approaches - and so do you.

The next batch of fresh castaways to Kolby's Survivor Series, won't only have to battle the elements but also each other. Will your social bonds and strategic movements prevail or will you find yourself an exile? Only one castaway will be able to endure the storm, earning themselves the title of Sole Survivor.

39 days, 16 people, 1 Survivor!

Production Edit

The thirteenth season of Kolby's Survivor premiered June 19, 2018 and ended at the live reunion on July 4, 2018 with JP defeating Chris in a 7-0 vote.

Twists Edit

Castaways Edit

Castaway Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
S13Camila Camila Ombila 16th
Day 2
S13Matyas Matyas Ombila 15th
Day 3
S13Brandan Brandan Ombila Ombila 14th
Day 4
S13Eddie Eddie Eora Ombila 13th
Day 6
S13Patrick Patrick Eora Ombila 12th
Day 7
S13Zach Zach Eora Eora 11th
Day 7
S13JJ JJ Ombila Eora Terari 10th
Day 8
S13Mud Mud Eora Ombila 9th
Day 9
S13Tashi Tashi Ombila Ombila 8th
Day 10
S13Nikki Nikki Eora Ombila 7th
Day 11
S13Stoner Stoner Eora Ombila 6th
Day 12
S13JP JP Eora Eora 1st
Day 16
S13Jake Jake Eora Eora 3rd
Day 15
S13JB JB Ombila Eora 5th
Day 13
S13Chris Chris Ombila Eora 2nd
Day 16
S13Julian Julian Ombila Eora 4th
Day 14

Episodes Edit

Title Air Date Immunity Eliminated Vote Placement
1 "Mantra of A Tyrant" June 19th, 2018 Eora Camila (FoxyWinters) 5-1-1 16th
2 "Reality Is an Illusion" June 20th, 2018 Eora Matyas (Neximos) 6-0 15th
3 "A Perfect World" June 21st, 2018 Eora Brandan (Maladus1) 4-2 14th
4 "Sense of Determination" June 22nd, 2018 Eora Eddie (NicoleF) 3-2 13th
5 ""Wake Up and Smell The Roses"" June 24th, 2018 Stoner Patrick (Patrick319) 2-0(2)* 12th
Julian Zach (IceMakeRampart) 4-2 11th
6 "Trust is Like A Tree Branch" June 25th, 2018 Chris JJ (moviedude) 7-2 10th
7 "I Can Dictate My Own Fate" June 26th, 2018 Jake Mud (mudndawilderness) 2-1-0(5)* 9th
8 "A Walking Bullseye" June 27th, 2018 Stoner Tashi (Tashi) 4-3 8th
9 "Gucci Flip Flopper" June 28th, 2018 Stoner Nikki (Avatar20) 4-2 7th
10 "An Uphill Battle" June 29th, 2018 Jake Stoner (Gaiaphagee) 3-3