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Tribe Profile
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Revalia
Status Merged into Osilia
Lowest Placing Member Jackson/Karmaron72 (13/15)
Highest Placing Member Kyle/Kyle12212 (4/15)


Jervia is one of the three starting tribes in Kolby's Survivor: Estonia. The tribe color is green.

Jervia had mixed results prior to the merge in Estonia. Many original Jervia members made it deep into the game, including TJ, Zach, and Kyle. However, none of them were able to crack the final 3 due to strong alliances.

Members Edit

Original TribeEdit

JacksonS5 Jake TJ Zach Kyle

Jackson (Karmaron72)
Jake (JakeGoesOnline)
TJ (TJ2807)
Zach (Swadles)
Kyle (Kyle12212)


Liam JacksonS5 Jake Garrett
Deanna TJ Kyle

Liam (kingLiam)
Jackson (Karmaron72)
Jake (JakeGoesOnline)
Garrett (Garrett Auckland)
Deanna (deeannamorgan)
TJ (TJ2807)
Kyle (Kyle12212)

Post SwapEdit

Caleb TJ Zach Zac
ConnorS5 Brad

Caleb (CalebDaBoss)
TJ (TJ2807)
Zach (Swadles)
Zac (VegasBoy94)
Connor (Telographic)
Brad (Nostalgic)