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Tribe Profile
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Hayato
Status Merged into Raemstihs
Lowest Placing Member Connor/cbearattack (12/12
Highest Placing Member Luis/_Adidas_ (3/12)


Azumi is a tribe in Kolby's Survivor: Japan. The tribe color is a shade of bright red.

On Day 4 there was a tribe swap which swapped tribe members with the opposing tribe Hayato. The "Nuzumi" tribe consisted of three former Hayato members, and only one member from the original Azumi tribe, Drew. The tribe merged with Hayato into the Raemstihs tribe on Day 6. They merged with only two original members remaining in the game.

Members Edit

Original TribeEdit

Connor Pika Bob Drew Red Luis

Connor (cbearattack)
Pika (Pikaplayer)
Bob (Islandsurvivor)
Drew (Bulldozer24)
Red (RedWing91)
Luis (Adidas)


Drew Eve Matt Bobby

Drew (Bulldozer24)
Matt (survivornerd)
Bobby (Bklimas)