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Tribe Profile
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Ares
Status Merged into Artemis
Lowest Placing Member Josh/Joshbb17 (20/20)
Highest Placing Member Demi/Demikol (1/20)


Athena is one of the starting tribes in Kolby's Survivor: Greece. The tribe color is blue.

Prior to the expansion, Athena had just as much success as Ares did, winning one out of two immunity challenges. After the expansion, Athena received mixed results in immunity wins, finding itself down to four members prior to the dissolution. Post-dissolution, Athena lost the only immunity challenge.

Athena was mostly characterized by its split nature and close votes, and there was rarely a vote without a chaotic nature to it. Athena was the original tribe of the winner of this season, Demi.

Members Edit

Original TribeEdit

Josh ZachS6 Will Brad Deanna
Aiden Aaron Joshua Jay DemiS6

Josh (Joshbb17)
Zach (Swadles)
Will (WANJ)
Brad (Nostalgic)
Deanna (deeannamorgan)
Aiden (Gamerden13)
Aaron (Slendie258)
Joshua (Lionnudes)
Jay (JMez2612)
Demi (Demikol)

Post ExpansionEdit

LuisS6 Will Zac Aiden Tim DemiS6

Luis (Adidas)
Will (WANJ)
Zac (VegasBoy94)
Aiden (Gamerden13)
Tim (Lionsden121)
Demi (Demikol)

Post DissolutionEdit

Dylan Brad Matty Aiden
Aaron Tim HufusS6

Dylan (Opslove)
Brad (Nostalgic)
Matty (NCFX)
Aiden (Gamerden13)
Aaron (Slendie258)
Tim (Lionsden121)
Hufus (Hufus)