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Tribe Profile
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Day 9
Tribes Merged Ares
Lowest Placing Member Brad/Nostalgic (13/20)
Highest Placing Member Demi/Demikol (1/20)


Artemis is the merged tribe of Ares and Athena from Kolby's Survivor: Greece. The tribe color is silver.

Artemis, despite its varied mix of Ares and Athena, had a surprising lack of chaos during each of its votes. As Kolby and many of the players put it, many players on Artemis felt too nervous to make any big moves, and it eventually led to Demi winning the season in what was considered a very predictable outcome. 

Members Edit

Brad Matty Deanna ConnorS5 SamS6 Zac Aiden
AaronS6 TimS6 JoshuaS6 HufusS6 JayS6 DemiS6

Brad (Nostalgic)
Matty (NCFX)
Deanna (deeannamorgan)
Connor (Telographic)
Sam (SammySosaTV)
Zac (VegasBoy94)
Aiden (Gamerden13)
Aaron (Slendie258)
Tim (Lionsden121)
Joshua (Lionnudes)
Hufus (Hufus)
Jay (JMez2612)
Demi (Demikol)