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Tribe Profile
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Athena
Status Merged into Artemis
Lowest Placing Member Matt/survivornerd (19/20)
Highest Placing Member Hufus/Hufus (3/20)


Ares is one of the starting tribes in Kolby's Survivor: Greece. The tribe color is red.

Prior to the expansion, Ares had just as much success as Athena did, winning one out of two immunity challenges. After the expansion, Ares received mixed results in challenges, eventually dwindling its numbers down to four before the dissolution. Post-dissolution, however, Ares won the one and only immunity challenge.

This tribe is characterized by its heavy reliance on alliances and factions.

Members Edit

Original TribeEdit

MattS6 LuisS6 RennyS6 Dylan Matty
ConnorS5 SamS6 Zac TimS6 HufusS6

Matt (survivornerd)
Luis (Adidas)
Renny (Renny10)
Dylan (Opslove)
Matty (NCFX)
Connor (Telographic)
Sam (SammySosaTV)
Zac (VegasBoy94)
Tim (Lionsden121)
Hufus (Hufus)

Post ExpansionEdit

ZachS6 Renny Dylan Brad Hufus Jay

Zach (Swadles)
Renny (Renny10)
Dylan (Opslove)
Brad (Nostalgic)
Hufus (Hufus)
Jay (JMez2612)

Post DissolutionEdit

Deanna ConnorS5 SamS6 Zac
Joshua Jay DemiS6

Deanna (deeannamorgan)
Connor (Telographic)
Sam (SammySosaTV)
Zac (VegasBoy94)
Joshua (Lionnudes)
Jay (JMez2612)
Demi (Demikol)